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Quick, Grab a Toothpick !

All seven members of the Miller family on this evening chipped in to help get supper and the table ready for a great meal. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh peas. They’re often at each other like a pack of coyotes, but when food is involved they cooperate. But surprise!

Loretta the mom yells out: “The Pangburns just pulled up. They’re parking their car. They’ll expect to be fed.” They’d pulled this trick several times in the past. The kids instinctively knew there wasn’t enough chicken to go around.

They all froze, not sure what to do. Jeff the father shouts, “Everyone, here, grab a toothpick and go out to the porch. And rub your bellies like you’re stuffed.”


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  1. Love it!! My husband had an uncle that would show up, almost every Sunday at supper-time. With 6 children to feed his surprise visit wasn’t welcome. Too bad the parents hadn’t thought of this ingenious idea!

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