Scenic Amery Wisconsin

Evening view over South Twin Lake



Elaine Meyer often goes for walks in Amery and sends photos of unique sightings, posting the photos on Facebook. These are two recent pictures.

Soon to come, 10 reasons you might want to travel to Amery. Working on the list, but if any Ameryites have suggestions and ideas, I’d welcome them. No waterparks or major historic sites in the area, but you’ll find a welcoming and lovely city. Amery–the City of Lakes.

Creek by Cross Street before it enters the Apple River.

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  1. Terrie Solis says: Reply

    I’ve been in this spot so many times. I truly miss my home, my Lake and my sunsets. Isn’t it beautiful Loren.?
    It’s not the lake and it’s not the sunset. It’s the memories of family, friend and good people that existed there.

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