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The Teaching Challenge

Welcome, Ms McCarthy, to the wonderful world of teaching where you are able to connect with eager learners and make a significant impact on their lives. BECAUSE this is your first job, you will be instructing the kids with the most unique personalities. The other 3rd grade teachers already siphoned off most of the girls and any boys who were cooperative and were good citizens last year. The veteran teachers reasoned that any newly hired teacher had more energy, more new ideas, and more patience. This little fellow is Carl, and he tests well when he cooperates with the test administrator. He’ll probably  be one of your student leaders, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Devise a good game plan and he’ll soon be on your side, helping you with class content and management. His teacher from last year praised Carl  for his enforcement skills. Congratulations on your new position, Ms McCarthy, and I know boredom won’t be one of your concerns.


  1. YOU think you can intimidate ME!
    I always enjoy the original emails too. I’m glad you aren’t stopping them.

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