The lady next to me at the Keillor show had to be one of those church basement women. There
  Traveling with a college friend Mary during my junior year at UW-Superior meant miles in a bus and hours
Barbara. Her name was Barbara. We went to school in Amery; I’m not sure when I first talked with her
While in 7th grade in Amery Public Schools, my teacher and I spent an afternoon at work on our schoolwork.
Our collie Chance became part of my healing after going through heart surgery, and calm and patient fellow ended up
In an area south of Amery, south of Deer Park, a hired man died in the fall of 1947, his
My aunt’s perfume I remember. On a trip to Norway, relatives wore that same fragrance. Aunt Beulah spent time in
A most wonderful student named Carrie lives forever in my memory, a gracious and thoughtful student who turned out to
Tears from my eyes came down without me realizing it, but I made sure Johnny and Ralph on either side
The Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving has been part of the study in American schools for a century and a

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