7th Street Port–Intro

Background of 7th Street. Where the house stood now sits an empty lot.

The quiet and sedate street south of the water tower in Port Edwards has not always been so serene. Now with fairly new houses and a varied group of residents, they probably don’t know the history of this peaceful area west of Ripple Creek. Long before the settlement of the Village of Port Edwards, a farm stood in the area of this aging house. From “normal” farm to burial site to orphanage to a religious sanctuary to an odd cult, it saw its share of adventures. “If these walls could talk” is a cliche, but I’m hoping to get some answers, little by little.

Originally the Martinson house, then the Blalock Mansion, and finally the Miller Mortuary and House of Worship, it went through several owners and served a variety of functions. A few portraits remain, such as the Kuhlka family  below–husband Slade, wife Rhonda, and daughter Renee. It appears normal, doesn’t it. There’s just one problem. The Kuhlkas arranged for a photographer for the 12th of September, 1898, but that morning Renee passed away. They had the photo taken nonetheless. Memories. More to come.

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