A Bit of News from Amery

Mother Montese and her little girl Virginia  play in the waters of South Twin Lake near Mystery Island. Underwater game camera caught them interacting.

Drove to Amery Sunday. On the way through Augusta I stopped to attend a Mennonite service, their church located between Augusta and Cadott. What an eye opener, not exactly  what I expected. Quite friendly people (men), and the sexes are separated with men on the left, women on the right. Full house, and it was one of two days a year when they practice communion plus washing of feet (the men’s side). Anyway, a new experience, will blog in more detail later. A couple photos were taken, accidently, from the back of the church. Not sure how they feel about photos.

Attended another Sunday evening session at Apple River Community Church music night. The list of people to read something, as opposed to singing, was full when I got there. No room on the list for my reading.  I have something I wrote about a lady living east of Amery, now dead, who got through her final year with the help and inspiration of music. Some of you might know this fictional lady, Inez Dahlberg. Will blog this as well in the next week.

Also, someone snapped an underwater photo of 2 of the 3 hippos in Amery’s South Twin. You know, the animals planted there to keep kids, or anyone, from swimming before Memorial Day. Mom and daughter out by the island. (check earlier post/ blog)

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Currently at the Amery Library, looking out of the window where huge snowflakes were descending a couple hours ago. Just finished paying for the vase, below. Happy May 1st.

Here I am looking at the new art room at the Amery Library. (wink, wink) Always a careful fellow, occasionally I cause minor disasters.

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