Ole Deals with Lena Tragedy

For this first blog, I’d like to share with you one of my favorite jokes about Ole and Lena, the Scandinavian couple who had their ups and downs and were often at odds but always in love.

Ole called 911 and told the operator that his wife Lena had died within the last hour. Through sobs he asked for an ambulance or some means of transportation to get her to the right location. The operator asked him for his address. He thought for awhile and then said, 920 Eucalyptus.  As she wrote her notes, she asked him to please spell that street name. He thought for awhile, and began “Eukelip . . .”, then “Ukeilp . . .” He tried several times, then gave up. “Tell you what. I’ll drag her through the back yard to 920 Oak Street, you can pick her up there.”

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  1. Dark humor is always fun.

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