A Li’l Humor on Easter

We’re not getting together with our family as we did last year; good memories of last Easter’s dinner scene.

And a bit of humor below I just found, having nothing whatsoever to do with the family memories above.


Tommy goes to a fashion show and encounters the most beautiful woman he
had ever seen. He approaches her and says “I know I am not much to look
at, and I don’t have a job. In fact I live in my dad’s basement. But my
dad is a billionaire, he is terminally ill with 6 months to live and I am
his only heir.”
“That is very interesting” she says, “why don’t you give me your contact
information and I’ll see if I can make some magic happen.”
Sure enough, true to her word, 2 months later the magic happened. Tom
had a new step-mom.

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