Across the Ice on North Twin, Amery WI


Saturday evening in Amery. Jimmy asks Charmaine if she’d go buy a six pack of beer for him. He had worked that afternoon on a quilt rack and set it up, so she figured she could do something for him.
(Jimmy and Charmaine, Amery ‘possibly fictional’ characters are going to be my/ our Ole and Lena from this time forth.)
Right after they got married they lived for a time on Arlington Heights right behind Daslers big house.
Jimmy advised her to walk across the ice on North Twin to the store on the north end of Amery, telling her it would save her time and steps.
“Ya got some money for da beer?”
Jimmy answered, “How about if I give it to you after you get back.”
“Why would ya give it to me afterward?”
Thinking about how exactly to say this right, he answered, “Well, Charmaine, since it’s November I’m not so sure how thick that ice is.”

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