Amery Area September Scenes, the Country and the Lakeshore

Recently I took a few photos around Amery the week before the Fall Festival. Coming home on the 12th of September, I saw the sun going down about 7:15 and had to drive quickly to a spot to get a clear view. This was taken south of Deer Park, WI. Taking about a dozen photos helped. Eventually I used a manual setting on the SLR, going to very quick shutter speed of 1/4000th. I’m hoping it doesn’t come out too dark when I post it. If anyone wants to use this photo, please write to me with where and how you want to use it.

Also, in Amery there is a lake called North Twin, and this photo shows it on a calm, cloudy afternoon.


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  1. Nice picture but where are the other 11?

    1. Hi Cari, only 2 pictures on this one. Thanks for the email, will answer it tonight.

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