Amery Farmer Gets Even with a Trespasser-II

Another trespasser got on the nerves of a kind, patient farmer southwest of Amery. The man drove along a fence line to get to the Apple River just west of Little Falls. Fishing was his goal, and he spent a few hours casting before taking off. But that was where the guy wasn’t so smart. Instead of backing out, he drove a wide arc into the cornfield, half-grown corn, leaving a swath of downed corn.
Jerry Haugerud, the farmer, recognized the driver but wasn’t able to stop him after he left his property. Jerry knew where this guy lived in Amery, so he planned to visit him on his property. It must be told that Jerry was the mildest mannered person you’d ever meet, but all of us have a tipping point. His patience tipped.

Several days later he drove to Amery and onto the trespasser’s lawn, roaring his engine and spinning the tires just a little.
The man came out of his house, angry and yelling, and the two of them exchanged ideas in a bevy of swear words. Luckily nasty words flew but fists didn’t. No reports of the Amery Police mediating the session, and there are no surviving eye witnesses. We can imagine what it looked and sounded like.

Another True Country Story, But Not Trespassing

Ann A wrote a memory about her mom’s kindness to a stranger. In the late 60s a man with a walking stick came down our dirt road. My Great Depression era mother offered him a drink of water and soon invited him in for a meal. He asked to buy honey my brothers raised and sold, says Ann. The stranger told them his mission was to walk across the country and collect honey along the way.

In my 30s, said Ann, I came across a book about an adventure like this. The photo on the back looked much like him.

What trust my mom had to offer him kindness, and a vivid memory for me from my early years.


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  1. The trespasser story could have been my dad LOL We had a “line fence” that lead toward the Apple River. It ended where the woods started so there really was no access to the river but folks didn’t know that. A person from “town” went down the road and thoughtlessly did the same thing, made a circle turn through the crops. Dad also knew who it was and in short time Drove to Amery and parked on his yard. There was no yelling but the man asked why he’d parked on the lawn to which Dad replied “Why’d you drive through my field?”

  2. I love this story of times gone by when people retaliated in kind and lessons were taught with the police or lawyers.

    1. Hi Cari, I’ll make sure you get the info on the writing group. Was going to do a little concerning the club on our trip but haven’t so far. Thinking a lot, and figuring out what to do for activities. Thanks for the note, yet, justice comes about through direct actions. Now in Freeport, Maine, a lovely city with a welcoming atmosphere.

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