Apple River Church Music for March

Another wonderful night of music, the March session. Deb is making the list of musicians, angels are practicing in the small classroom, and Ken is looking more distinguished than ever. Last Sunday of each month, an hour or more of gospels and songs of strong feeling. I’ll place the list of songs at the end, at the spot where you can read more if you want, but for now I want to sum up the night and remind you that the next “concert” will be on the 30th of April. Be there before 7:00, the warm-ups are enjoyable.

Guitar, autoharp, piano, harmonica, 4 part harmony, mandolin, flat guitar (photo left), and combinations of all of these. Ernie played a wicked harmonica, and the piano solo of “Blessed Assurance” had the ringing sound of the theme from “Chariots of Fire”. Engaging. Sue and Lois anchoring everything with their piano accompaniment.

A couple readings for variety, and the night of free entertainment felt so fulfilling. Much better, by far, than being home watching TV. The list of songs is included below, click to read the list if you want to.

Songs from the 26th of March

(some may not be the actual titles, often at least the first line of the song)

Come to the Church in the Vale

We’ll Gather at the River

It is no secret what God can do

Because he lives I can face tomorrow

Down by the Riverside

I’m glad I’m part of the family of God

As I roll my burdens off on him

When the roll is called up yonder

Heaven is a wonderful place

When they ring those golden bells

Soon very soon we are going to see the king

Precious Lord, take my hand

Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling

Wait for God to come down

Blessed assurance

Yes I know how lovely life can be (by man on left below; tears were involved)

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