Attention Blog Readers

If anyone is interested in more information, and to get on a photo email that I post, please sign up on the right. I must apologize, because those of you who signed up already have signed up in an area that I didn’t know about. It got on Mailchimp but I was lost in space. Please forgive me. We’re working on getting it directed to a program that I use, Constant Contact.

Soon there will be an announcement for readers to join what I call the Elkfarm Club, and this announcement will list benefits you’ll receive for a membership site. The site will cost only $5 per month which includes an ebook each month at no extra charge. Click here to direct you to a page of information on the Elkfarm Club. I’m crossing my fingers that this works.

Stay with me, be patient. It’s a complicated journey but we’re on our way. In the meantime please read the blog posts from the last couple weeks.

Loren Elkin

[email protected]



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