Bats in the Church Belfry, and Names of the Bats (Updated)

The boys heard the bats coming and going throughout the night, and it became a comforting rhythm for them to sleep soundly. Another plus? They were not bothered by mosquitoes or any other flying insects.

Wally and Parker, summer residents of the belfry in the Bloomer Catholic Church, have cleaned their area, slept several nights and had a couple adventures, and are now turning to the science of bat study. Above them as they sleep are bats, often about a dozen, and they’ve read about bats from the local Bleskacek Public Library, but they’ve also decided to name them. They both made their own list of names from friends, relatives, and local people, and are arguing/ negotiating on the final 12. They are doing that now, and later you’ll be able to see what the names are. (In reality they will be the same names as some of you who read this blog. Names are nearly chosen, but lobbying by you in the form of an email to Loren will help determine if your name will also be the name of a bat. Or you may write a comment on the blog page.) They plan to keep track of them by placing a touch of various colored paint on them to distinguish one from the other. Stay tuned, when I get back this evening I’ll show you the list.


They argued for an hour, and finally they came up with these names; some of these will be male or female once they figure out what sex the bats are. They both knew Tim, and he wasn’t too bad, and they also had relatives names Terry. They chose Emma for the classiness of it, and it was Parker’s Grandmother’s name. They settled on Chan, partly because they liked the name, also it was the mail carrier for the southern part of Bloomer, Parker’s neighborhood. Kent was one of their favorite teachers, Carrie was the prettiest lady at school, an aide of some kind, plus she worked in the lunchroom. Wendy was the cutest girl in the 4th grade, hands down, and they knew they’d never get her to notice them. But at least they’d give that name to one of the bats. Ethel was their Sunday School teacher, and she always brought a treat and she let them tell one joke before class began. Robyn was a neighbor of Wally, and she sometimes drank too much and put her arm around him, but he didn’t mind. Rick was the guy who bagged groceries at the store by the church, and he’d always have a one line joke to tell the guys. They liked the name Jackie and said they’d someday name one of their kids that name. Finally they settled on Julia, the name of Parker’s great grandmother who came here from Norway.

Now they had to figure out some way to mark the bats with a touch of a unique color so they could reference them and observe their individual behavior. Parker’s mom was a painter so getting the paint wouldn’t be hard, but they still had a few details to work out. They made up a list and stated putting names of colors behind each name.

Bloomer Catholic Church. The boys are camping in the left belfry.

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  1. Loren,
    I wanna be a bat, please, please!

    1. Whoa, almost slipped up there Terrie. Not sure where Michelle came from, but that was supposed to be you. BUT, it’ll be Terry because I might need a male name, but don’t worry. That’s you. Congrats.

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    1. Milton. Thank you, have you read my posts? Tried looking up and it didn’t come up. If I can get to your site and you have material that I could use, I’d be glad to share, give and take. What is the profile of your visitors? Not sure what mine are, if I had to classify.

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