Beauty in the Park

Mother and Daughter, an earlier time.

Gloomy Monday, threat of rain.
Hiking trail by the river,
Mother and daughter, walking?
More like strolling.

Mother stooped

Daughter tall and patient.

(This gaper taking it in from the parking lot)

Both dressed in red, the same team.
Down 75 careful yards, and a wide 180 turn,
Back, the same time and distance,
Returning to the car.
Mother seated, walker stowed away.
Love like you’ve never seen it.
Reminds me of my Mom,
In her case seldom saying the word “love”
But making sure she showed it whenever she could.
Mother and daughter on this gloomy day
Showing love and affection,

(This writing was penned by a modern caveman trying to capture emotions.)

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  1. Loren, Just wanted to let you know I have put your blog under my favorites.

    1. Sue, thanks so much.That means a lot to me. And I’ll do what I can to make it worth your time. I have a feeling that a blog takes awhile to get going so I have to just be patient. If I put enough good writings into it, people will open it. Watch for a SUE in future stories. 😉

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