Bits, Pieces, and a Joke

My hope is that you enjoy the writings I post  and that you contact me with any comments and suggestions. For now you can use the CONTACT section of the blog or simply email me at [email protected].

These first few writings I’ll keep short. Eventually I’ll make some of them longer but will always give you the option of checking out if the piece doesn’t interest you. Like this (but you’ll miss the joke).

Right now I’m flying blind like Lindbergh across the Atlantic, but I want to install some kind of counter to find out numbers of readers and what writings are most read. If those of you who got a card and appeal from me this past week, would you please write to me. I’d enjoy reading your comments.
By the end of each week I’ll post that week’s Amery Free Press column. I hope you can see that the column is not just aimed at Amery readers but is a more universal writing that would appeal to anyone.
Just to be clear, I’m not equating this project to Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic.
I’ve still got a lot to learn but so far I’ve found it enjoyable to post readings, fairly easy to do, and a good way to share writings with you. (is this correct parallel construction?)

Now for the joke, an Ole and Sven joke that’s appropriate for springtime.
Sven visited Ole on his farm and noticed that the entryway to the barn made it difficult for his mules to get through. The manure had built up underneath so the mules often hit their heads on the beam or had to duck in an awkward manner.
Sven asked Ole what he was going to do about this problem. Ole showed him his sledge hammer, telling him: “I’ll show you what I’m going to do.”
Walking to the doorway, he started hitting the door frame on top, smashing out and splintering wood. Sven stopped him, asking him what he was doing. Ole said he was making sure the mules didn’t hit their heads.
Sven asked him why he wasn’t shoveling the manure at the threshold of the door. Ole gave his impatient, are you kidding look, with the idea that this had to be the dumbest thing Sven ever said.
“Sven, can’t you see the problem? They aren’t having trouble with their feet, it’s their heads they’re hitting.”
Sven shook his head, thinking to himself that he had another story to tell his wife Hilde.

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