Blalock Mansion in October

The people at the Blalock mansion on 7th Street in Port Edwards put their finest foot forward in October, the days  leading to Halloween. The citizens of the asylum enjoyed this month more than any other. When the mansion was an asylum, they encouraged nighttime tours and even offered a special program for staying overnight with friends and family. The most frightening night imaginable, naturally and not conjured up.

The above photo isn’t the Blalock but it’s close. The girl might be a future orphan in the mansion’s later history. Krisan keeps showing up in every aspect of the Blalock Mansion, the victim of an accident when the mansion was being built in 1890.

More to come. To get a background of Blalock events and descriptions, simply write Blalock in the search function, upper right on the opening page. There’s pranks and a description and a mother /daughter, one of them dead, and a description of their eccentric caretakers.


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  1. I heard the family conducted seances on Halloween in the mansion to attempt to summon past family members

    1. Cindy, thanks for that. Will try to work up some October events that end up with something great on Halloween. Thanks for bringing the doll to Miss Schider. The Schiders must not have seen the story because that last name was aimed at them. Thinking on this trip that you and Carl would enjoy the New England rambling. Ate lobster in Freeport, ME, this evening, LL Bean country, and a variety of clothing outlet malls. Saw a Maidenform lingerie shop that I told Marilyn was going to browse, but she just gave me a dirty look.

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