Cheeses and Taste Testing Poem

This  cheese and drink poem was written by Earle Garber, a local historian, author, and philosopher from the Wisconsin Rapids, WI area. He wrote this, then read it at a writers’ group meeting.


Most taste teasers begin with a mild cured or early

cheddar aged no less than a year before the sip of wine

or glass of beer.


A cleanswer for green curd on a garlicky cracker is

sparkling water. Clearns the palete before moving

on to smoky flavored


Asiago. To waylay it’s spicy jolt, lemonade is best.

A salty Swiss is typically served on dark rye. The

tangy taste is relieved with


a slice of melon before the Gorgonzola on Ritz cracker

followed by a full-bodied porter, ale, or stout. To

sample the brie and


brighten the tongue, a red wine, an early Romano, or

early Chianti before trying Laughing Cow or show your

love, try string cheese.


Then back to the green Colby table to try a snip of

Colby jack or Monterey jack. To obstruct the burn

sip a flute of pale ale bock.


or stout plus bitters for biter. When the tasting slows

grab a creamy spiced bleu served on pumpernickel; If

it’s still on the table. Before


Mascarpone it’s natural to down a swig of Merlot,

Cabernet, Chablis, or Blanc, or Grenache to preserve the

event. Forget head cheese;


The brain of a sow. Most important is sequence,

when it comes to a tasting; before your host shows

you to the door.


Thanks to Earle Garber for writing this and letting me share it with all of you.




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