Claire Enjoys Autumn in Mineral Point

Claire says fall and the lead-up to Halloween is her favorite stretch of the year in Wisconsin. In talking with her and in her letters, she says that in her midnight walks and visits to grave sites, back yards, and even window peeking, that combined with her dreams and nightmares– this painting sums it up. It hangs on her living room wall, next to her bed and reading chair so she can see it from many angles, and she’s exchanged this with her summer at the lake picture. (Keep in mind that Claire’s story may contain elements of fiction.)

I’ve asked her for a new writing, a new poem, and I’ll post it as soon as I receive it.


3 Replies to “Claire Enjoys Autumn in Mineral Point”

  1. It would be interesting for me to go for a midnite walk in my neighborhood. I would have to cast away all thoughts of being mauled by a bear or crazed coyote prowling the woods. Being that there are no street lights or ANY illumination makes it even more precarious. When I first purchased my place, I was naive enough to make a midnite excursion and paid the price for it. I was being stalked by ‘something’ in my woods as I scurried thru the pines. Not knowing what it was except by its loud footsteps and audible breathing, I did not turn around to see. I just made a beeline to my house and have since then not gone into my woods after sunset.

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