Claire: a Joke and Another Poem from Mineral Point

Claire interacts with Mineral Point resident.

Just because Claire from Mineral Point seems to be a serious poet, a recluse, and unsocial, at times she shines. Coming down to the level of the grocery in her store she encountered Bill Blye, a Mineral Point resident.

“Bill,” Claire said while picking out cans of food. “I saw you and your wife the Tuesday evening as silhouettes in the window, I happened to be walking around in the back yards of your neighborhood.” She waited, wanting him to admit he got caught doing something wrong.

“Why were you walking in the back yards??” He waited, she didn’t answer, but the look on her face shouted, “It’s what I do.”

“Anyway, Claire, the joke’s on you. That couldn’t have been me, I was out of town on business that night.”

Bill, a slow-to-get-it person looked at Claire as if she was an idiot.


New Claire Poem–

In solemn solitude I wait

Not yet sure of my fate

Will this day bring little joys

Or a tortuous echoing noise?

Of those whose words grate at my ears

And mock my deep eternal fears.

Through a small tear in the shade

The scene below is neatly laid

The comely gent and his adoring miss

Walk hand in hand, brimmed with bliss.

My soul endures the scene no more

My heart is shattered and cannot ignore.

These walls I build to keep others out

Sure I am, without a doubt

That my core would be destroyed

If with my delicate heart they toyed

Ere I peer into their world at night

It is my very solace of light.





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