Music Legend Working at Burlington, VT, Goodwill

When I saw the music legend checking out customers at a cash register, I couldn’t believe that David Crosby had come to this. Without talking to him, I studied his movements and his interactions with customers. It was him, it had to be.

And like the numbskull I am, I forgot to take a picture of him. The next day I stopped to see if “Rick” was working, and I found out he didn’t start until that afternoon. Figured out that “Rick” was short for Richard, Crosby’s middle name I’m sure.

Before I checked out, I took the other clerk, Kim, aside and asked her if she knows who that really is, pointing at Rick. She looked confused and asked me who it was.

“It’s Crosby. Remember him?”

“You mean the black comedian who’s on trial? That can’t be him.”

“No, that’s Bill Cosby. This is Crosby of Crosby/ Stills/ Nash/ and Young.”

She looked confused. When I checked out, I looked right at him and told him I know who he is.

He winked, said he gets that all the time. He’s most proud of putting on a Santa hat and entertaining his granddaughter as Santa.

He talked about his writing about Santa and has worked up a few stories. I gave him my card and I hope he stays in touch.

Full disclosure: about 40% of this might be true. I’ll keep you up to date when he sends stories. Must be sick of singing so he’s taken on a more relaxing line of work. Maybe he sings Karaoke in the Burlington area.



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  1. Dale Jirschele says: Reply

    I would have figured that he would have only worked Thursdays and Saturdays, what does he got to lose? I’m also surprised that the other clerk was not named Judy.

    1. You’re thinking deeply, Dale. There was a Rick and he talked about writing Santa letters to his grandkids and others, I need to get back to him. He got my card, so thank you for priming the pump. I’ll get on it this week, you wouldn’t believe how much he looks like David C. Sorry, the Judy comment went flying right over my head. I plead ignorance. thanks for writing, Dale.

  2. Cari Lindsley says: Reply

    Your imagination makes your ‘going into town’ so much more interesting than ‘normal’ people’s

    1. Hi Cari, thanks for writing, always good to read your messages. May see you this Wednesday, have to sign up Monday. Thank you.The mice thing, I tried going in a different direction that would be expected. Not sure if my wife has read or heard about that yet.

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