Dear Morgan, It’s Grandma Bonnie

From Grandma Haller. Oh, Morgan, I just love it when you send an email and tell me what’s going on in your classes. I remember those days when I was in school, believe it or not, and in those days girls were only expected to become nurses, teachers, or mothers. Now you have so much open to you. It sounds like you’re working hard and enjoying most of your classes.
It’s been hard without Grandpa Ted, but it helps when you and your family come to see me. Hope you like the picture below of the old farmhouse, a friend Robert drove me out there a couple weeks ago. That farm held some great memories of our family, with your mom and her brothers. I’m thinking the house is in its final stages and won’t last too long.

Little by little I’m getting used to my apartment and love the people who live here We often meet in the community room for cards and chats, and on snowy/ icy days I walk the halls with Mabel, an old neighbor from out by the farm.
Time helps heal the wounds, and I’m hoping we can see each other soon. Maybe when school is over you can stay here for a couple nights. Thinking of that makes me feel better, not so down; but I don’t want to bother you with all that. You and I can hike down to the cafe for lunch and a piece of pie.
Love to you, Morgan, and you know that you’re the light of my life.
Love, Grandma

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