ALMOST a Disaster, Almost

Humor, and minor disaster, can be defined as something painful or uncomfortable happening to others. Others is the key word, like the Funniest Home Video TV show. If you or I experience it, it’s terrible, and it’s not funny, until years later, maybe

These photos I’ve found elsewhere. I call them almost because it doesn’t appear that anything bad has happened yet. Zip is the number of photos I take like this, but when I do you’ll be viewing it/ them and reading the story.

I’ll post two on this page and if you want more, click on CONTINUE READING. As you can tell, the timing has to be perfect. The above photo may be a set-up, but if anyone can send me the original photographer of the vase shot, please write a note in the comment section. The guy above looks like me in my heavier- clumsier days, though I haven’t changed that much.

And this bonus, a golden oldie from a couple months ago.

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