Do You Know These Words? 1

This is my first attempt at a low key multiple choice vocabulary quiz. The questions are below with the choices, and click on Continue Reading for the answers. Let me note that these words were not fully in my vocabulary and if asked to define them without seeing them in context, I couldn’t do it. Context helps but isn’t always 100%.
The terms are uncanny, unabashed, dilatory, hoi polloi, and nonplussed.

1. unabashed—a) brave, b) self-critical, c) party animal, d) willing to take a chance, e) not easily embarrassed
2. dilatory—a) a time waster, b) a smart person, c) expresses self well, d) on time always, e) shy person
3. uncanny—a) normal, ordinary, b) brave in a crowd, c) more than ordinary, d) sense of humor, e) self- absorbed
4. hoi polloi— a) the commoners, b) celebration, c) exaggerating, d) fancy as in gifts, e) wealthy and powerful
5. nonplussed—a) confused and bewildered, b) poor at math, c) not easily impressed, d) lazy, e) boring


unabashed–e, not easily embarrassed

dillatory–a, a time waster

uncanny–c, more than ordinary, above average

hoi polloi–a, the commoners, ordinary people

nonplussed–a, confused and bewildered

I’ll set a goal for posting one of these type “quizzes” once a month; please send in words of this nature



5 Replies to “Do You Know These Words? 1”

  1. At first I thought you were playing with us. My dad was a teacher and I’ve always loved words and their meanings. My father always spoke of the ‘hoi poloi’ as the fancy, rich people.I can’t believe he had it wrong all those years. I looked it up. You are correct. I’m so disillusioned.

    1. Cari, I am not familiar with that expression hoi polloi, and I also might have thought it was the upper class. There’s another word for them, maybe hoiti toiti or another odd term. With my classes I’d often use the word hoopla, esp. related to politics and government, and conventions as well as campaign ads. I’m going to do the terms thing again but maybe stay with 3 or 4 terms; what do you think?

      1. Words are magical at best and silly or embarrassing when used incorrectly. I love your idea.

  2. I always thought hoi polloi was rich people. They use that phrase in Caddyshack. You spelled ‘dilatory’ wrong in your answer key. You have 2 ‘L’s’. I always liked that John Denver song.

    1. Loren Elkin says: Reply

      I think the term/s hoiti toiti can be used for the wealthy. Just looked up hoi polloi to recheck it. Found this:the masses; the common people.
      “avoid mixing with the hoi polloi”
      Will check on dilatory, thanks
      I’m ready with a few more, not 5 this time, maybe 3.
      tractable, fatuous, feckless, sublimate, fulsome
      These words came from reading the book I referred to, Good Morning Miss Dove. The author uses words like this, almost as if Miss Dove was writing alongside her. Have you ever seen or read that one? Thanks for sparking my brain activity. When I saw Stephanie, I first thought it was my daughter Stephanie.

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