Emily, a Most Peculiar Woman

Just finding out about Emily who was both a resident/ citizen and a staff member at the Blalock Asylum from 1905 through 1912. She suffered from depression, sometimes called melancholia, and moodiness which today might be a sign of bipolar tendencies. As I find out more about her, I’ll fill it in. She was a lovely and statuesque woman, and was bedridden the day of the Blalock group photo you’ve seen earlier in this blog. Her last name was Litella, and coincidently the name of a character on Saturday Night Live.

At six foot nine inches, she stood out from the rest of the people at the Blalock, and her specialty on cleaning Saturdays was wiping the lighting fixtures. She didn’t need a chair or stepladder. She also could sing like an angel, and with her size she would amplify greatly. Often the people in the neighborhood and those walking by the Blalock heard that sweet music coming from behind that fence.


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  1. She looks like part of her depression might be genre identity. She is lovely but troubled.

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