Emily Dickinson’s Room in Claire’s Apartment

The poet Emily Dickinson.


Not only does Claire own everything written by and about Miss Emily, she has a replica bedroom dedicated to the New England writer. Just out of college, Claire traveled to Amherst, MA, to tour the Dickinson home. Taking a couple dozen photos of Emily’s room, the room she spent so much time in, Claire had a bedroom designed and decorated like Emily’s.

If you look at that 3rd floor, there are several separate room. More about them later, but the largest room is Emily’s which is left of the white corner. Claire sleeps in the living area, the head of her bed at the rounded white part. From this vantage point she looks down on the activity and people of Mineral Point, often writing fictional stories with the city and people at the center. (Please email me the name of that rounded, white corner. It might be a turret.)

Only once have I seen Claire’s  living space. Not a tour I’ll forget.

Third floor, Claire’s living space. Wait until you hear who, or what, lives on the upper floor. Too small for humans.


The Dickinson Home in Amerst, MA.



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