Getting Weighed at an All-You-Can-Eat Diner

Imagine the joy of an all-you-can-eat diner, a new adventure in eating. Stepping on a scale starts it out.
The concept and company behind this new eating experience is called Scales. In the meeting room of the Amery Pizzeria, company spokespeople laid out a brilliant plan.
Becky, the friendly lady with a winning smile and a twinkle in her eye presented a Powerpoint program to the invited investors. About a dozen locals snacked the fried potato chips and drank their choice of bottled water orsoft drinks.
Next to her sat an assistant, Nancy, who couldn’t stop smiling and nodding her head. Comments from the participants, quietly, expressed the belief that these two skinny ladies probably never visited an all-you-can-eat joint.
Lou showed up looking confused, Judy walked in with a briefcase full of money, and Neil brought a notebook. Seven people came from surrounding communities, unknown to the others.
“Why should a 350-pound athlete and a skinny 95-pound woman pay the same price for the unlimited buffet?” That was Becky’s opening question, an attention-getter. On the screen, a tall, muscular man stood next to a little old lady. Becky gave them a minute to take in this idea.
Bill, a latecomer, asked the question that was on everyone’s mind: people are going to be nervous about getting on a scale in public.

Becky told him and the rapt listeners that the weighing in wouldn’t give the number of pounds, it would give some random number—let’s say 3701. That would be the starting point, the person’s ID. When 3701 checked out and paid the bill, that person would see a readout which might read 3701 + 4. In other words the person would pay for four pounds of consumed food. That price per pound gained might still have to be determined.
Nancy, standing to speak, suggested that the name for the restaurant would be The Weigh Station. Hands went up, lots of doubts and confusion. Continued tomorrow.

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4 Replies to “Getting Weighed at an All-You-Can-Eat Diner”

  1. The Weigh Station is a clever name and interesting concept. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Carrie, how are you doing down there? Nice to hear from you. Just got that idea of Weigh Station from the other girl/ lady I wrote to when I wrote a long note to you. The idea of weighing an eater has been rolling around in my mind for a couple years, but finally I get to present the idea to hundreds. One other idea that has to figure in is that a person during the time of eating can only visit the bathroom once, otherwise it’ll cost that person. As ridiculous and impractical as it all sounds, I try to counter every concern and objection, not that I’d ever help develop a restaurant like this. Please send a blank check. Send your mailing address when you have time, and good luck in the storm.

  2. Your daughter says: Reply

    That person eating looks like Justin.

    1. Yes, now that you point that out. What water scene are you referring to? There was a pond/pool downstream from the house out in the country, but Freya might me fiction. Freya, if you recall, is the youngest of Oystein and Gyrl’s children.
      We’re both getting excited for the trip, and while she’s gone I’m going to explore and drive around the SW Wisconsin and NW Illinois, Galena for sure, and I’ll bring samples from the limburger plant in Monroe WI.

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