Here Comes Gary

Elaine, look over there. Isn’t that Gary? Yes. Oh, I hope I hope he comes past us.  He’s such a hunk. And he’s got such cute eyes. Once he talked to me, once he said my name. No one can say BETH the way Gary can. Oh, he’s coming closer.

Sit up, sit back. Oh, Elaine, we both look so sexy sitting like this.  I’m going to lean back a little, I hope he sees my full figure. Back a little more.



4 Replies to “Here Comes Gary”

  1. You’ve got the girls thoughts down. This so could have happened!

    1. Loren Elkin says: Reply

      Thank you Kari. I’ll write this here, the photo is one I found in the family photos, broad family photos if you know what i mean, relatives on Mom’s side, and I’m not even sure who those kids are. But they’re quite striking and sure innocent looking, aren’t they.

      1. It’s even better knowing they’re relatives of yours. Now it makes more sense. 🙂

        1. Loren Elkin says: Reply

          Hi Cari, these kids going downhill aren’t related to me. Thanks for the comments, I’m glad you’re enjoying there. Watch soon for your name.

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