The In-laws are Coming for the Weekend

The in-laws are coming this weekend, for Easter, and they’ll do as they often do. “We don’t need beds” they once said years ago when I didn’t know them that well. I asked my wife Marilyn what that meant, and she said, you’ll see. Hard to describe, and then they arrived. They looked normal, I had met them all at the wedding. But as soon as they came in they walked around and felt the walls, and each one said “this is mine” as if declaring their territory. That was confusing to me until it was time for bed.
We went to our bedroom and they assumed their positions. Didn’t understand what was going on but had to go to the bathroom; when I looked into the living room, there they were. Hanging on the walls. And in the morning got this photo, when it was light out. They slept in, but eventually they all came down from the walls. Marilyn acted as if it were nothing unusual, and they’ve done it ever since that first visit. That’s why, when they come, we make sure we don’t ask my relatives or anyone else over. There has to be a story behind this, but it’ll take time to get it out of my wife. For now I’ll just chalk it up to one great family mystery.

Her Aunt Betty doesn’t sleep on the wall anymore but does sleep sitting up.

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  1. Well, I have to say this is quite bizarre to witness! I think that you should invite your family at the same time it would give you all something to talk about at breakfast :). Oh! and you would definitely have enough room for everyone…. maybe a family reunion is in your horizons!

    1. Loren Elkin says: Reply

      Bonnie, the in-laws don’t read my posts so I can make up anything about them. Haven’t heard back from any of them. Get this and other bizarre pictures on Pinterest, wonderful and eerie photos from the 20th century, going way back, I think.

  2. I will check out Pinterest for more photographs. Great story and imagination.

    1. Bonnie, please tell me who you are? I’ve got a feeling you’re from Redgranite but am not 100% sure. Thanks for writing.

  3. We met at Elmer’s Pizza.

    1. Yes, thanks for writing, Bonnie. And did you see Bonnie is a character in a recent story?

  4. Yes, I did! I hope you are not referring to me as a “grandma” because of my silvers 🙂 Those are wisdom highlights and I wear them proudly :). Society has a poor perspective on those wonderful god given changes as we blossom into an even better version of ourselves. I like to think I am starting to change those perspectives as many women around the world are doing. Giving women the courage to stand up for themselves and not hide behind what society expects us to be or do to be beautiful. We are all beautiful on the inside and embracing that on the outside is a huge step forward for women’s empowerment to accept themselves completely. Don’t you agree? But, yes, I agree that life has lost the simple pleasures of people taking time for what really matters and that is time. 🙂

    1. Wow, how thoughtful a writing, Bonnie. I “warn” people whose names I use that the character I name often does not have the personality of the one, like you. Once wrote about a kid who read a book before going to sleep, and it’s one of the stories Underbed or something like that where it was the monster under the bed who was scared of the boy on top. Named him, let’s say Vernon. The classmate wrote back and told me that wouldn’t have been him because he doesn’t like to read. I JUST USED YOUR NAME, YOUR NAME. I wasn’t matching personalities. Anyway was not aware of gray wisdom streaks in your hair. Thanks for the thoughtful note, and watch for more Bonnies and even a Nolan at times. Good weekend, wise lady.

  5. :0 Thank you! It’s a personal mission to change one thought, one perspective, one idea to create an “ah ha” or “hmm” moment. I believe that is kind of what your stories do to encourage the imagination. I enjoyed your story (and no didnt take it personal) but I did need to call you on it 🙂 Lol. Have a great day!

    1. I hope you enjoy the Elkfarm Club mailing. It’ll be more apparent what it’s all about as you receive more of them, Bonnie.

  6. I did! Thank you

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