Jimmy and the Wedding Gift

Dear Iola and Jubal,
What a lovely wedding, what a beautiful day, what a wonderful meal we all got to enjoy on your wedding day. The Port of Call looked wonderful that evening.
Charmaine and I had a great time, and we hope all is well with you both. But, I have a simple request. I hope you and Iola don’t mind.

The Letter Requesting a Return

By now you know that we gave you a brand new cast iron frying pan and also that book about cast iron cooking. At the reception I talked to a few people and asked them what they gave you, and how much they spent.
Here’s the simple request, I hope it’s okay. Could we either get $20 back from you or the other option is to give us back the book. Why do I ask for this?
The other people / friends we spoke to, it sounds like they spent around $15 for their gift to you. Our total gift was somewhere in the area of $35. I know fairness is a big issue with you both, as it is with me.
So all we’re asking for is money back or the book back, and everything will be just right. Hoping this isn’t too tacky, I know you’d do it for me if the situation were reversed.
I’m thinking this is sure to strengthen our friendship, I just know it will. I hope you fully understand; please talk it over with Iola.
Your best friend Jimmy Lindahl
Please don’t say anything to Charmaine about this, she just wouldn’t get it. It’s a man thing, I think, isn’t it?

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