Job Safety Is Nearly Number 1

Rick and Tom work together, go out together, and at times don’t go out together by watching MMA fights on TV at Tom’s house. Their talk is most often about feeling sorry for the ladies of the Amery area who, too bad,  aren’t going out with them.

Today the two proudly declared that they have gone almost 24 hours without a workplace accident, and the one yesterday was almost not bad enough to go to the emergency room, but they did. Tom swallowed a few of those little nails, holding them in his mouth while nailing trim, and  laughing uproariously. He saw the look on Rick’s face when he  fell down an opening to the basement. But they’re okay today.

Good workers, though, always showing up and always willing to get the job done quickly and semi-safely. Rick is a swimmer so he gets to do all the underwater tasks.


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