Letter from Norway–1911

View of the fjord from the farm of relatives of Ole Larson. Fishing was allowed at times, but they needed some kind of license. This is a fjord because it is salt water; that is the standard for designating a fjord.

(This letter to my Grandpa Ole Larson was written by Thomas, a neighbor or relative. Grandpa’s mother is alone now and suffers depression and loneliness because her husband, my Great Grandpa Lars Peder Aarak, died recently. Sent mid-January, a time when there was not as much work on farms in Norway and in Wisconsin.)

Mr Ole Larsen

I want to send a few words, first to let you know that we all around this place live well to this date.
Your mother is as she had been , sometimes she has bad thoughts , and at times hours feels very long ,and depression sneeks in on her when she think that both husband and children are another place, ”now I am all alone,” she tells me, and it is true as she says,
It is not easy to be alone, but it has to, and time go on every day and soon it is time for the graveyard, and our time ends here.
So I will let you know, that I have sent 200 kr from your mother, they are sent to the postoffice in Stavanger, so I can not tell you if they send them as Postremisse or as a Bank check, they were sent on the 14 of januar.
Your mother told me to say to you that these 200 kr is not to be a loan, and is not to go on your inheritance, if there is something after her.. This is a gift from her to you.

She said to me that she could not afford any more, because you can not look into what the future will bring, that is the truth, but I think she has money enough for her time, and that is good.
Then i want you to answer and tell us ,as soon as you get the money and this letter, so we will know that it has come to you, as soon as possible.
And so I was to tell you some other things, because it s a long time since you left Ilsvaag, and there has been big changes here, those who were young then, are old now and a lot have died, you know this.
Now we are in the middle of wintertime, so we are not in a hurry with work her nowadays, but there is always something to do.
I have heard from your mother that you had draught/ bad harvest over there in Wisconsin.
It is not what you planned for when you saw in the spring, nothing to come from all your work , but it can be a rich year after this.

So at last I will give my love from your mother, and the whole family.
I want to give my love to you from me and my family for you and your family

When you write back, please mark how many dollar you got, we would like to know.
We wish you a Happy New year
Aarak 16 januar 1911
Tomas Aarak

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