Lobster and Freeport, Maine: Updated


Freeport, a relaxing and bustling city, home of LL Bean and great lobster/ seafood. We stayed for two nights and enjoyed all that the city offered. Shopping and seafood keeps people coming back to this city north of Portland.

Downtown Freeport had dozens of upscale clothing shops and other types that a person might find in a nice mall. Marilyn bought a few items, but I had coffee, took a few photos, and people-watched. Both times when we lobster / seafood dined, it was downtown. Once a bit fancy and the 2nd, pictured above, was in a lobster shack kind of atmosphere.

On Monday while Marilyn shopped, the wind blew hard and I longed for my the security and warmth of a stocking cap. Wallah, there’s an LL Bean store within a short walking distance. Clothing galore, and when directed to the cap section, there was a wide variety. Went for the simple one, the fall or spring stocking cap as opposed to the January 14th one. And when I checked the price, there it was: A night in a cheap hotel or a hat? $50. Whoa, my head’s not that cold. Then to the hats that had LL Bean plastered all over it, a walking ad for this high end outdoor clothier. $30. Maybe I’ll walk to the car and dig around for my $4 on sale Fleet Farm stocking cap.

On our way out of Maine, down Highway 95, we stopped at another outdoor clothier–Cabelas. The only Cabelas in Maine sat at the southern tip. Not only did I use it for a bathroom break, I bought pants and shorts with points I’ve accumulated. A friendly and smiling Mary asked if she could help me. I said, “Do you have anything for an old, fat, and dim-witted person in the pants department?” Mary thought for awhile and responded, “I’m guessing you’re not really that dumb.”

I waited for her to address my other self-deprecating comments, but all she said was, “Right this way, I think we can help you.” C’mon Mary!

Traveled Tuesday through the New Hampshire land that touches the Atlantic Ocean, then into Massachusetts. Got messed up and lost searching for the Concord/ Lexington historic site. Will have to find that on a future trip.

More on Lizzie Borden house visit and our visit to Newport Beach in Rhode Island next time.



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