Sadness Described and Illustrated

Sadness illustrated. Isn’t this such an emotional photo? Found it on Facebook, from a lady in Turkey. You can imagine, and I did, that he had a mama goat who had twins but one of them died. (This child might even be a girl) But the remaining goat- kid doesn’t know that and just wants human attention.

Why am I sad? I’ve had trouble getting into my account to work on this blog, and I’m trying to figure it out. Why am I writing this? Because if you don’t see any or many new posts, that’s me not figuring out the system. If that happens, please feel free to browse some of the past posts and catch up with those going back to March of this year.

I’m headed out for a week of camping, reading, and travel in the SW area of WI and the NW area of Illinois. Don’t worry, there will be someone staying here in our home in Port Edwards, Marilyn’s brother-in-law, 380 pounds of muscle, just got out of prison, and breaks 2 by 4s when he’s angry. But don’t worry, he’s got his 200 pound German shepherd to keep him company. If you step into the house, you don’t have to call him. He’ll come to you.

I plan to visit Galena, Illinois and the area as well as Mineral Point, WI. May even get over to Dubuque, Iowa. Marilyn’s heading out, leaving on a jetplane, to visit our son Justin in Chattanooga.

Anyway, I’ll work it out the technical problems. Comment if you can and sign up on the spot that asks for your email, please.




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  1. Enjoy your travels gather more stories have a safe trip

    1. Thanks Julie. Brought my entire computer down here, am in Freeport Illinois in the NW corner of Illinois. visited Galena today, what a wonderful and quaint city. I like that idea you mentioned, help one person each day or bring a smile to someone. Was going to stay down here for a week but am in a hotel and will come home Wednesday, will bring you some linburger cheese from Monroe, WI.

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