Mouse in My Car: Updated

Found hints of a mouse, or two, in my car yesterday. Not sure what to do, but I don’t think I’ll kill it. And it’ll be an IT until I can capture it and determine its gender. More to come, must think this over. Please don’t tell my wife.

It’s a She

Live trapped it, found out it was female because of the layout on her underside (isn’t Google great that a person can look that up). Deciding on a name, maybe Amanda, maybe Madonna, maybe Dana. Thinking it over, but I’ll see what behavior she exhibits so then will fit her with the right name.

Not sure if I can find a veterinarian to neuter her. Might look up mouse neutering on Google, they must have something about it. Or should I let nature take its course? Heaven knows there’s room inside the car if she wants to become a mother. Most often I’m the only one in there, but I’m planning on future times when I’m having someone in the passenger seat. Will then live trap her and keep her in the garage (remember, don’t tell my wife Marilyn). Also wondering how I’ll feed and water her when we take the other car for a few days. I’ll think about that.

Someone wrote to me about placing mothballs on the engine block. That, I think, would be to get rid of her and her friends. Maybe later, but for now I just want a pet mouse.

What would you think about putting down a little alcohol for her to drink, maybe she’ll get over her fears and become less fearful. Is that a recommended traing practice?

Anyway, did I ask you yet? Don’t tell my wife. Will keep you updated.

Mouse Humor


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