Norwegian Generosity

Cousins Elin and Kjell Even in front of nearly 1000 year old church wall.

On our first trip to Norway, Marilyn and I had a wonderful time with the Elkin relatives. Meeting with them on Sunday, I remarked that I enjoyed the cheese they served with the meal, I thought their unique liquor, aquavit, was great, and I mentioned that at home I couldn’t find a good, complete book that showed the unique bunads or costumes of the many areas of Norway.
We left the next day and drove to the west coast of Norway.
When we met with them again the next Saturday, Per Olav and his family handed us a pound of that special cheese, a bottle of aquavit, and a huge yuggge book with beautiful photos of the bunads of Norway. They overwhelmed us American relatives with their hospitality and their treatment of us.
At the Gardermoen Airport while waiting for the flight back to the US, we talked about the gifts they gave us and the good times we had.
“We mentioned something to them, and a week later it was in our hands.” We laughed about that.
Then the “what if” came up.
“And you know what else?” I told Marilyn. “I almost told Per Olav that I enjoyed his large deck and that his car was a great vehicle.”
Imagine that, we thought.
“How in the world would we have gotten a car and a deck back to the US with us?”

The Stalheim Valley, this sight viewed from our hotel window.


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  1. kjell even teslow says: Reply

    i just found out on this blog now, sometimes i can be very slow my beautiful wife says..
    i was younger then than now, that is not good, because it feels like very short time since that visit.
    happily, after that we got the chance to come to wisconsin, and receive superb hospitality, at your place, and at Leora and Carters. great memories. corn dogs, cold beer, beautiful country, perfect steaks and the nicest people!

    1. Loren Elkin says: Reply

      Kjell Even, replying to your comment, about the first time I’m using this feature. Nice to hear from you, and I recall that day of the picture of you two, recall it as if it were last weekend. And I always marvel at your description of the food and drinks that make a visit so special. Good Sunday to you and the lovely one, I’m hoping to make it over there the summer of 2018, have I told you? Lost a little weight and am in better shape than a couple years ago. And to respond to your comments, you and the royal lady were excellent people to host on your Midwest visit.

  2. Relatives we’ve just met prove themselves to be the best family members. What great memories you have!

    1. Great for you to realize that, Cari. Thanks for your comments.

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