Oatmeal and Ella for Breakfast: Complete

Oatmeal and Ella Fitzgerald for breakfast
Started the day on a perfect note and taste
Next to the toilet tank, keeps running; fixed
Ella still singing through all of this, a little cleaning up
Call from a friend, no reason; just wanted to check
Letter in the mail, insurance paid the entire doctor visit
Call from a telemarketer, almost got hooked
Switching to Vivaldi, season music
And reading Steinbeck; why did I ever leave him after college?
Avocados and rice cakes for lunch; doorbell
“Hello ma’am, do you know the Lord Jesus as your personal savior?”
“Let me check,” slamming the door
A bit a little bit of a nap with a lot of daydreaming
Ellen dancing and schmoozing, giving a car to a single mom
Supper of pot pie, the fancy kind with big meat chunks
And a small glass of white wine
Reading the rest of EAST Of EDEN, “John, I won’t leave you again”
An evening at the Kennedy Center PBS while singing and piano practice
To bed with Neal Diamond (the music, not the man)
With a double shot glass of red wine
And thinking over that perfect day.


Original idea/ title from Marji Messer

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