Our Journey into and through Ontario

Traveling through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, stayed at the Mackinac area and drove up Hwy 75. Speed limit, 75. As high as I’ve seen in western states, and needless to say we made quick progress to Sault Ste. Marie. Nice looking city, saw a huge freighter ship, and was even able to take a photo as long as it was from the back and from a distance.

Traveled through Ontario but didn’t stop to see the locks of SSM, but we’ll do that another time. Through Sudbury and on to North Bay where we spent the night. It almost feels like we’re in a foreign nation (joking here, wanted to sound like the Clampetts travel to Canada). Today to Cousin Rose and her husband Dan in Prescott, ON, and staying a couple days. Beautiful weather so far, can’t complain AT ALL. Mackinac area, for instance, was busy and lots of people walking the streets. Looking more touristy than a few years ago, but still a beautiful area. Lots of fudge shops and different places to eat. Found out that Canada’s Timothy Hutton’s eatery is THE place to get one’s coffee and to eat, a Canadian point of pride according to Cousin Rose. More later, may just add on to this post. New experience for me, writing a travel log. I promise I’ll do my best to be succinct and only hit the highlights.

Below, International Bridge in SSM, presented passports and answered questions on the far end.


Just two thoughts from yesterday. Lots of gentle reminders along the highway advising to drive carefully, with seat belts, etc. Well one that I enjoyed:  Drive According to Road Conditions. Thank you for reminding us, kind of obvious but it got a smile from me. And the other advice:  Trucks Need More Room. Another obvious, but the highway dept wanted to make sure we were aware of it.

Just heard that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is visiting and speaking in Washington DC today. Will be fun seeing how that is reported in Canada.

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