The father grunted as he slept, occaionally looking at the football game on the big screen. In and out of
Finished product from ordinary limb wood After watching Youtube woodworking videos, I saw that some round limb wood and even
Two miles east of Amery, 3/4 mile from Karen Strohbeen's farm, the area called Lutefisk Woods held mystery and a
We found him between the silos. Visiting Grandma on a hot summer day, my Cousin Brad and I found the
Gave a wooden chain to a little fellow, our grand nephew Parker. Cut the chain with him in mind, and
The catalpa tree growing on the lot line with our neighbor blossomed beautifully in June, a late bloomer, but the
The book Dandelion Wine caught my attention because of the descriptions of growing up in a small community, seen through
Summertime. June, the perfect month for anyone who enjoys summer and has an advantage of a time without responsibilities. As
The ideal writing setting may be summed up in this photo. Once I tried writing at a lake cabin north
Amery stories are out on Amazon, and the book only costs a buck. The stories are from my childhood, some

Lutefisk Woods Woodworking