The song about Phoenix was minimal, the implications many, and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" was a Glen
Nostalgia was a popular topics in history class. When students came back to talk to me after years away from
My first typewriter was a treasure and an ally. When I first attended college at UW Superior after graduating from
Hugs vary depending on the setting. In wishing well to a waitress who just survived a bout with cancer, a
Energy. When we were kids it was endless. My memory of running full speed in the pasture over the well
Desserts? Always. Growing up in a not so wealthy home and family, Mom made sure we had dessert to look
From Grandma Haller. Oh, Morgan, I just love it when you send an email and tell me what's going on
From a modern sheep herder: “People think I’m crazy, but I don’t care.” April can be a busy month for
Peashooter as a job. Waking up shift workers in industrial England became a profession, a way to earn money. Using
Singing at Easter. Above, Henry and Gladys Armitage prepare for the service tomorrow at Our Savior’s Lutheran in Amery. For

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