The in-laws are coming this weekend, for Easter, and they'll do as they often do. "We don't need beds" they
Oatmeal and Ella Fitzgerald for breakfast Started the day on a perfect note and taste Next to the toilet tank,
Tribute to the Irish. On a trip to New York City on our way to the World Trade Center site,
The hymn: actual name is “It Is Well with My Soul,” above is the first line of the song. Written
New ebook available soon: Growing Up in Amery Please spread the word about the Elkfarm blog. If you enjoy the
A bear’s den? Not unless bears used campfires and slept on blankets. It was a small cave, but just about
There's a swing in a valley near my Norwegian relatives, a long long roped swing that sails out and over
We didn’t know about the spooky girl at our campsite until days later. Shocking and puzzling for us all. At
Lester worked at the Amery Hotel Cafe, and Saturday night he was busing tables in the hectic supper time. At
Margie and I spent a great afternoon together the first day out of third grade. Both of our birthdays were

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