Crackers meant one of two events was happening: illness or soup was served. The crackers that came with soup in
Creatures entered our house and left a reward for aiming our Christmas trees toward the woods and creekbed where they
My cousin in Norway, in his 40s, said he broke the news to his 10 year old daughter that his
Christmas memories share a connection to tangible Christmas decorations. Each year at Thanksgiving, or earlier, we hear Christmas music and
Under Billy’s bed a form emerged from a sizeable rat hole. Dark hits early in January, and in order to
Growing up Lutheran, I enjoyed a number of advantages and learned a lot of good lessons. My Lutheranism was the
The true measure of a good teacher is when people declare they’d want that instructor teaching their children. There’s a
“I know horses. I’ve been around them my whole life.” His long, stringy pony tail and Harley vest with the
Little Carl is confident, quite self assured, and often thinks he can call the shots when dealing with adults. Carl,
When I looked around the living room, I saw the plants had frozen and lay there, an ugly, limpy brown.

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