Parker’s Summer Adventures

St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Bloomer, Wisconsin.

Some of you who have followed my writings me may recall my reference to a boy named Parker, Prince of Bloomer. His life to come is one of my fictional ramblings, and on this post he’ll be the 4th grader just freed from school for the summer. Along with his friend Wally Schemenauer, they have the world at their beckoning in this city south of New Auburn. Wally’s dad had a key to the towers at the Catholic church in Bloomer, mainly the entryway to north tower. Now they have the key. The steeples shown here loom high above the city and the area farms, and the boys’ refuge and “campground” in this warm season is the highest steeple, on the left.

Carrying backpacks filled with necessities to be listed later, they made secret trips to the steeple. Often entering when no one watched, sometimes after dark, they set up their little hideaway 60 feet above the main street. From this perch they’d view the business section of Bloomer and some of the area homes. They haven’t said this to each other, but openings for summer adventures and mysteries loom ahead for the young lads. More to come.

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