Patty the Mouse Eats Her Holiday Meal

Delivered the meal to the mouse Patty after we ate ours on Thanksgiving. Assembled it with love, on a fancy plate: turkey, bun, corn, mashed potatoes and cranberries. Put it out on Thursday afternoon and below is what I found in the morning. I’m thinking Patty had friends and family dining with her because that’s a lot of food.

But what didn’t get eaten? As with many diners who don’t like it, cranberry sauce.

Sorry the plate was so busy, didn’t have a small plain plate. Hoping also that Patty enjoyed the extra effort.

Still looking for someone to neuter her so she stays miceless. There’s someone in Wisconsin Rapids area who runs a pawn shop, gives special loans in the back of the store, and has a sign: will neuter any animal you bring in. Not sure I want Patty to be neutered in a place where there are shady loans.

More to come, looking up mouse jokes. All for your reading pleasure.

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  1. Cari Lindsley says: Reply

    I’ve heard of cookies for Santa but really, food for mice? You must have a very compassionate wife. Maybe you could go look at the pawn shop guys operating room. That might give you a better view of his work.

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