Popcorn on a Sunday Afternoon

Comfort, nostalgia, and peace of mind.

Have you felt that drowsy feeling when the dinner things are through?

It sort of creeps upon you in spite of all you do.

And there’s nothing that will quell it or dispel it quite as soon

As a dishpan full of popcorn on a Sunday afternoon.


Popcorn really has a way of making us feel great.

All the folks forget they’re sleepy when they reach and take a plate.

So remember when it’s snowing on a Sunday afternoon.

Just a dishpan full of popcorn puts the world right back in tune.


Poem by Harold Rowley in a book of Amish recipes. This goes back (notice I resisted using the word hearkens) to a time when Sunday for the Amish and other religious followers meant performing only essential farm chores. Their goal was to “remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.” A simple pleasure that meant so much. Popcorn.

For our family growing up near Amery, WI, popcorn became a treat on weeknights. The ordinary evening became a little bit special.

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