A Day in Ottowa and Coming Through Key-Beck–Updated

Spent the day on the road with cousins Dan and Rose, driving into Quebec and stopping at a chateau for a wonderful buffet, a lunch with choices Marilyn and I have never seen before. Photo of the dining room tomorrow.

Then we drove to Ottowa, the capital of Canada, to take in their tribute to their 150th year as an independent country; again, photos tomorrow when we leave Ontario, Canada, enter New York state, and aim for Burlington, VT for a couple nights.

Ate evening mean at a place called Brigadoon, great atmosphere and first class service.

At the park in the center of Ottowa were flower sculptures, huge ones, 15 feet tall in some cases. May make an Elkfarm email out of that, email me for details. Otherwise photos to come tomorrow.

For lunch, it was so different and unique to listen to French speakers, an entire table of formal looking people speaking French. You know, French, like they speak in Frenchland or Spain or somewhere like that. Still learning, will gather information for the next post. Dining area below, buffet toward the back.

Enjoy the photo of the jumbo hot dog on a diner above at the foot of the Mackinac Bridge. Much classier than that weinermobile the Oscar Meyer company sends around the country.

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  1. That guy panning for gold picture looks like Tony Beets from Gold Rush.

    1. Yes, you’re right. Looks like someone else but I can’t put my finger on it. Had a good time with Rose and Dan, talked about a LOT of subjects. They are upper class in many ways, as far as eating out for one. The chateau we ate in on Wednesday had seen a G-8 summit at one point with a lot of world leaders. The so unique buffet was priced at $32 each, and with non alcohol drinks must have been over $40 each. The waiter stood nearby, ready for our every need so he could help. The bill had to be $200. Anyway, Mom is doing well and now we head south to Concord/ Lexington and Lizzie Borden’s city and house as we skirt Boston on the west. Say hi to everyone.

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