The Sexy Lady Just Wanted to Chat

Not the Facebook picture, but she was this lovely.

The friendly and sexy lady told me her name was Joyce, and she asked to be my friend on Facebook. That’s a process where someone clicks on a request and it goes out to the asked person.

She looked pretty, she was young and voluptuous. Her face shouted:  I’d sure like to be your buddy. Her sparse clothing may have hinted at poverty. It showed her large crevice, sometimes called cleavage, with that skimpy blouse.

Was she sure she knew who she was asking? Had she seen my picture? Goodness, I couldn’t make it onto a prison road crew with the face I posted.

Then after looking at her page, I noticed it was minimal. Poor lady, didn’t have many friends, and she didn’t have a birth city, nor did she have a job that I or anyone knew of. Red flag? Not yet.

She sent me a note, on FB called a message. “Hi, what are you doing?” Well, who could be more gracious and outgoing than that.

I looked back at Joyce’s Facebook page, and there were a couple men but no girlfriends. Poor girl. And really poor girl, the other men were as ugly and fat as I was.

My hope? That she wasn’t thinking of anything remotely sexual. No, that couldn’t be. Not Joyce.

We went back and forth a little, nothing serious yet. Where was this headed?

“What are you doing this afternoon?” How nice of her to ask.

The comments and questions got a little more direct and pointed. “What are you wearing?” Why would she ask that? I told her I had to get ready.

“Ready for what?” she asked.

Going to a meeting, and I’m the treasurer. Unpaid of course, but I take the responsibility seriously.

She wanted to ask more, but I told her I had to go.

She wrote. “What group do you belong to?”

Joyce, what a wonderful, curious lady.

The Central Wisconsin Eunuch Society, I told her. Been a member for 4 years. Great group, great reports, and wonderful exchange of ideas. Same goals, all of us.

Then nothing from her end.

Joyce?   Joyce? Where did you go.

Dazed and confused. Who would want this guy for a friend.

4 Replies to “The Sexy Lady Just Wanted to Chat”

  1. It takes a man of maturity to recognize deception and instead of anger looks at it with humor. Loved this.

    1. Thank you Cari. I had fun writing it.

  2. Darlene Parkinson says: Reply

    I chuckled aloud when I read the name of your group. I suppose it was not exactly the name she expected either. LOL

    1. Darlene, I had a feeling you’d enjoy this one. Just got another request, a lady with just her nips covered, otherwise unclothed, and no information in her profile. I okayed her friendship but then said I belonged to THAT club. Waiting for her to look up the word Eunuch, then she unfriended me. Just joking, but there was a freiend request from an almost unclothed lady. Ahh, funny, Darlene. I hope you are doing well. Good winter? Always enjoyed our conversations.

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