She Didn’t Realize She Was My Girlfriend

This isn't Barbara, but this is how cute I remember her.
This isn’t Barbara, but this girl is as cute as Barbara was.

Barbara. Her name was Barbara. We went to school in Amery; I’m not sure when I first talked with her and got to know her. She left me when we were 7 years old.

My foggy memory recalls my parents visiting her family’s home. They lived on Keller/ Main Street, next to the Amery Clinic and across from the blacksmith shop. Friday evening, a little hot and steamy but that was just the weather. The parents talked grown-up talk, and we enjoyed the cake and Kool-Aid. It took place on a simple ground level porch, street lights causing vivid shadows.

Barbara and I played, and I felt comfortable talking with her. She was my girlfriend but I’m not sure if she realized that.

The event marked the farewell to her family, moving to River Falls or some other foreign city. Later I traced her and found that she now lives somewhere near Snelling or Summit Avenue in St. Paul, but I wasn’t successful. She probably wouldn’t remember me, and I’m guessing she forgot that she was my girlfriend.

Fuzzy memories but so vivid, and first grade marked a wonderful time.

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5 Replies to “She Didn’t Realize She Was My Girlfriend”

  1. What a bittersweet story! Isn’t it funny how we can remember those moments but can’t recall what I had on my “to do” list?
    Oh, to go back in time….even for an afternoon!

    1. Loren Elkin says: Reply

      Thanks, Mimi. To me they’re like snapshots, and it’s fun trying to tap into them and recall them. As I recall I wasn’t too put out about it, but then my age had something to do with that. Good luck on your move, m’lady.

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