A Spooky Girl Visits Our Campsite

We didn’t know about the spooky girl at our campsite until days later. Shocking and puzzling for us all.
At the end of July the neighborhood camping crew walked our long pasture to a lakeside spot on Pike Lake near Amery, intending to spend two nights in the wild. Two nights meant a full day of doing what we wanted, just about anything.
Terry and Kenrad and Terry and I set up two canvas tents in short grass, a heifer pasture. Plenty of wood for the campfire, beans galore to be heated in the fire, wieners to roast over the fire and place in bread, and eggs fried in bacon grease. And a jug of Kool Aid. We had all we wanted.
Fishing a little with a fish meal in mind, reading a little, listening to the transistor radio, and talking around the campfire. Plus exploring along the shore and into a patch of woods nearby—heaven on earth for us 11-year-olds.

First Night Storm

The first night a storm hit, lightning and thunder galore, and a little water leaking into the tent. In the morning we noticed small, skinny footprints next to the side of the tents, distinct in the mud. We stood above them, no one having a good theory.
Kenrad walked home to get his dad’s new game camera, the one that came in the mail a few weeks ago. The batteries, 100%, and the black and white film ready to capture images.

Setting up the camera–

As the sun went down on the 2nd evening, we set the camera on a stump and aimed it at the tents. We had no idea what would happen, but to us it was like fishing. Let’s hope we get something.
The last day of camping, we also noticed a few more skinny footprints in the soft ground. None of us had feet like that. As we packed we talked of the possibilities.
Kenrad took care of the camera and film, dropping the roll at Chet Johnson’s photo department. Days later he called everyone to come to his house, “I think you’ll be surprised.”
There was the picture above, and kind Kenrad’s mom made copies for the rest of us. We never talked much about this later, each wondering about the skinny young girl visiting our campsite.
Someday, a good story?

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  1. Joanne Sorenson says: Reply

    Who is this girl? Did you know her?

    1. Dear Joanne, thought of you today. And Amy was so good to write to me on a reponse to the pictures you / she posted on FB. The girl was a figment, actually found her on the site Pinterest. It’s been fun starting with a photo and going from there. The cave story began with a prompt. The prompt? A Cave. That’s all, and I placed it on land near our house when I was less than 10, and thought I’d embellish it. Want to do more, but for now I’m enjoying doing that, kind of a snapshot description.
      I hope you know I would have enjoyed the workshop, I’m guessing the people had a great and enlightening time, Joanne.

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