String Music at the Blalock Asylum

Music was thought to heal those who made their way to the Blalock, and music lessons by beings from another world were common and accepted. Here beautiful Wendy, who came as a depressed and isolated lady after the death of her beloved mother, takes her first lesson from Beth Adrienne. Only coming out at night, Beth Adrienne was one of the best cello teachers and music interpreters that the Blalock had.

Music at this time of night calmed the members of the asylum, citizens and staff alike. Cassie and Wayne, photo below, worked on the grounds and cleaned the hallways, but the music lulled nearly all into a blessed night’s sleep. More later on the development and growth of Wendy as resident cellist.

And Beth Adrienne? She’s still alive and working her magic at some of the country’s best schools for orchestra, teaching all manner of stringed instruments.

Caretakers Cassie and Wayne. See earlier story about them.


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